La Galerie d’en Avant is located in a house that has been preserved by the Séguin family for over 100 years


In 1888, Joseph Séguin bought the land. In 1912, his son Hormidas and his wife Phidillia Séguin inherited the land and built the house at a cost of $2,800. In 1934, electricity was installed in the house. In 1954, Hormidas sold the land to his son Raoul Séguin and his wife Thérèse. At that time, a bathroom was installed as the only plumbing in the house.


In 1976, Raoul sold the house to his brother Rhéal Séguin and his wife Laurentienne. In 1983, their son Gaëtan and his wife Marie purchased the property from Rhéal and settled into the house to start a family.

1989 – today…

On March 1st, 1989, Lynda and Christian Séguin bought the house from Gaëtan. At this point a very long period of renovations and construction began, during which the electricity, plumbing, heating and foundations of the house were replaced in order to conform to the current building code.

Over more than 29 years, the house was modernized with today’s amenities while conserving the home’s original Victorian architecture. In 2010, Lynda and Christian started welcoming into their home labourers who were passing through. In 2013, La Galerie d’en Avant Bed and Breakfast was born.